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Reported the content on to be helpful.

This is wonderful to see something relatable on my feed.

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What an amazing resource to have in our community. I'm so grateful to see it.

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Since April 2018, new content has been added to expand access to online information, tools and resources. New content sections include information on Healthy Living, Tough Topics, and Life Skills to highlight Foundry’s holistic view of health and well-being.

Foundry is a province-wide initiative transforming how young people access health and social services in BC. In collaboration with Foundry, BC Children’s Mental Health Literacy Team developed this integrated online platform that provides young people ages 12-24 and their families with a one-stop access point for mental health and well-being, substance use, and social support and services, as well as navigation assistance and self-management.

Balancing Our Minds Community Youth Summits


Youth attended BOM Summits across BC this year

[I learned] that there's no shame in talking about what you're going through. Talking and sharing helps, and that talking about it ends the stigma.

Student BOM Participant

Thanks to funding from the Canucks for Kids Fund, the Health Literacy Team supported communities across BC to host their own youth mental health summits to promote mental health and wellness in their schools and communities. This fiscal year, Balancing Our Mind Summits were held in 4 communities: Vancouver, Sunshine Coast, Gold River, and Abbotsford.  

Balancing our Minds is an initiative that empowers young people to talk about  mental health in a  safe and supportive environment. These summits aim to raise awareness about mental health and substance use resources, reduce stigma, start conversations about mental health, and support capacity building in communities to carry on the momentum created by the summit. 

Kelty Youth Ambassador Program


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Reported that the program empowered them to talk about mental health and raise awareness in their school and community.

The thing I loved the best about being a part of the Youth Ambassador Program is the sense of community and support that was built. It was so amazing to see so many youth from different regions of BC, all with strong passions and voices, coming together.

Youth Ambassador

I loved the program! It is a great inspiration for what a group of people can achieve when they are passionate.

Youth Ambassador

I loved the bookmark project SO MUCH! I thought it was a perfect way to allow us to creatively explore and express mental health promotion.

Youth Ambassador

The Youth Ambassador Program is an opportunity for youth and young adults across BC to engage in promoting mental health and well-being amongst their schools and communities. The Youth Ambassadors are involved in one large group project focused on mental health promotion and stigma reduction, as well as various other opportunities throughout the program. This year's group project focused on the development of bookmarks with health promoting messaging. Each Ambassador designed and developed their own bookmark, and then distributed these in their schools and communities.

Breathr Mindfulness App


App downloads

Such a great app! I love how it has something for everyone. Highly suggest it to anyone.

Breathr App User

Great app for mindfulness! I've tried so many others and this is in my top two.

Breathr App User

Young people can benefit from mindfulness to handle stress in a healthy way. I frequently recommend the Breathr app to my adolescent patients as one of the best - and one of the few completely free – mindfulness apps just for youth.

BC Physician

Launched in May 2017 with support from the Canucks for Kids Fund, the Breathr app continues to be a useful tool for young people to learn about and practice mindfulness in easy ways throughout their day. The app features a section to learn about mindfulness and it’s benefits, along with several short exercises, guided meditations and customizable features to try. The app was developed with the help of youth and experts in mindfulness and is free to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Achieving the vision

The Mental Health Literacy Team supports a vision for youth and young adult mental health and well-being where mental health is talked about easily, openly and from a strong knowledge base. To achieve this vision, the team strives to provide youth and young adults with the information, tools and resources they need when they need it, and in a format they prefer. This helps them to be knowledgeable and comfortable talking about mental health and well-being, and enhances their capacity to be leaders in mental health promotion in their communities. It also means they know where to go for help when they need it.

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