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Bringing Together Cultural Humility and Health Literacy to Develop a Shared Understanding of Values, Beliefs, Needs and Priorities


Visits to this year provides information, tools and practical examples to support healthcare providers in effectively integrating cultural humility and health literacy into their everyday practice. I’ve recommended this online resource to staff to support our efforts to provide high quality, family-centred care.

BC Health Care Provider

Culturally Connected (developed in partnership with BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre) is an online resource designed to help health professionals address the health concerns and support the health care experiences of diverse clients. In 2018, was enhanced based on recommendations from BC health care professionals to include an improved design, updated tools, case study videos and printable PDFs. 

BC Eating Disorders Community of Practice


Eating disorders professionals

Attended the Eating Disorders Community of Practice Networking & Education Event over two days in November. 

Wonderful presentation and presenters today. I haven’t seen such an engaging and applicable presentation in a long time!

Community of Practice Participant

Reflecting on the event, I hope to incorporate more emotion coaching when working with clients.

Community of Practice Participant

The BC Eating Disorders Community of Practice Networking & Education Days is an annual event celebrating it's 9th year that brings together a variety of eating disorders care providers from across the province. It provides an opportunity to network, share information about programs and practices, and learn from experts in the field. This year the keynote guest speakers addressed the heavily desired topic of the C-CARE Model for Substance Use and Eating Disorders. Also, this year's event was accredited as a Continuing Medical Education opportunity to support more physicians and psychologists to attend.

System of Provincial Mental Health & Substance Use Knowledge Exchange Networks

4 networks

With over 120 members

In the 10 years I have been involved with the network, we have made real change in education and awareness around eating disorders and provided tools and support to clinicians around the province to enhance the care of individuals suffering from these illnesses.

BC Provincial Eating Disorders Network Member

The System of Networks consists of four knowledge exchange networks that focus on specific topics related to youth mental health and substance use, including eating disorders. The networks serve as provincial tables for sharing information about new programs and initiatives, addressing challenges in the system of care, and contributing to the development of guidelines and resources for health professionals. At 14 meetings this year, these networks brought together health care providers and administrators from each regional health authority, the First Nations Health Authority, as well as government and community partners. 

BC Children's Hospital Centre for Mindfulness


A Centre for Mindfulness - Launching Summer 2019

The BC Children’s Hospital Centre for Mindfulness will be a game changer for BC Children’s Hospital and beyond. The Centre will connect, support, and grow the wisdom and talent of individuals and teams who have been bringing the transformative and healing practice of mindfulness to BC Children’s Hospital over the years. Together, we will co-create a mindful community, which will enrich the compassionate care that we can offer to our patients and caregivers, as well as to ourselves and our health professional colleagues. The Centre for Mindfulness is one of the first of its kind at an academic pediatric health care centre. I believe it will grow into a model and a beacon, inspiring a wave of mindfulness and compassion in pediatric health care throughout BC, Canada, and beyond.

Dr. Dzung Vo, Co-Director, BC Children's Hospital Centre for Mindfulness

The Centre for Mindfulness at BC Children's Hospital offers an incredible opportunity to transform suffering into healing. The centre will serve as a connecting hub for patients, caregivers and health professionals in BC and beyond, with the intention of cultivating compassionate care and resilience as a community.

Dr. Joanna McDermid, Co-Director, BC Children's Hospital Centre for Mindfulness

I really liked the body scan - I still use the body scan ... it helps by calming me down a bit. If I am in pain, I can focus on different parts of the body and by the end I am not as worried about my pain even when it’s still there.

BC Children's Mindfulness Program Participant

In collaboration with existing BC Children's Hospital mindfulness initiatives, planning took place this year to create a Centre for Mindfulness at BC Children's Hospital. This Centre aspires to support mindfulness practice, including clinical and educational programs, health professional development and research. It will serve as a hub to connect, support and grow mindfulness activities for children, youth, families and caregivers, and health professionals. The Centre also aspires to nurture a 'mindful culture' throughout the hospital community, the province of BC and beyond.

Achieving the vision

Health professionals are often the first point of contact for children and youth with mental health challenges. Increasing mental health literacy across all health sectors will improve access to treatment, increase understanding of, and help to destigmatize mental health challenges. Providing health professionals with a wide range of resources and tools to support children, youth and their families dealing with mental health challenges is the first step.

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