We envision a world where children, youth and families thrive and achieve their best mental health.

A world where...

  • Families talk openly about mental health and substance use, and practice healthy living strategies to promote their overall well-being. 
  • Children and youth learn strategies to promote their own mental health.
  • Families, school and health professionals recognize mental health and substance use challenges and are knowledgeable about how to respond when they arise. 
  • Communities support families to promote and maintain optimal health. 
  • Individuals experiencing mental health and substance use challenges receive support and can easily access and navigate services.

Our Initiatives

Our work in 2018/2019 focused on developing, promoting and disseminating mental health and substance use information and resources to increase mental health literacy across BC. 

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Our Team

Consists of motivated population health, health promotion and prevention professionals who are committed to enhancing the mental health and substance use literacy of children, youth, families, and school and health professionals from across BC. 

The BC Children's Mental Health Literacy Team aims to enhance mental health and well-being by: 

  • Researching, consolidating, developing and translating mental health and well-being information and resources in a range of formats.
  • Disseminating mental health and well-being information, resources and supports using a variety of channels. 
  • Supporting, educating and sharing mental health and well-being information and resources with those who work with children and youth, including school and health professionals. 
  • Developing and participating in networks and communities of practice, and collaborating with key partners and stakeholders, including offering project-based support to clinical and hospital-based teams.
  • Providing peer support and assisting with navigation of the mental health care system.

The Case for Mental Health Literacy

Mental health literacy refers to the knowledge, beliefs, and abilities that support the prevention, recognition and management of mental health and substance use challenges.

An estimated 1.2 million children and youth in Canada are affected by mental illness—yet, less than 20 percent will receive appropriate treatment. By age 25, approximately 20 percent of Canadians will have developed a mental illness (1). 

Investing in mental health and well-being through prevention and treatment can save money; it's estimated that every $1 spent on mental health saves $7 in health costs and $30 in lost productivity and social costs (2).

Enhanced mental health literacy can improve how society promotes mental health and well-being and responds to individuals experiencing mental health and substance use challenges (3).

Participating in mental health literacy programs results in increased knowledge of mental health, increased confidence to help others experiencing mental health challenges, and less stigmatizing attitudes toward individuals with mental health challenges.


BC Children's Mental Health Literacy Team would like to graciously thank our partners and supporters for their promotion and encouragement of the work we do for mental health and substance use in the province of BC.

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