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Supporting the Health of Patients and Families from All Cultures


Visits to by Health Professionals this year


Culturally Connected (developed in partnership with BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre) is an online resource designed to help health professionals address the health concerns and support the health care experiences of diverse clients.


The printable resources that I can post in my practice area as reminders to engage in client care from a place of cultural humility [are helpful to me]. 

BC Physician

I think this will be a terrific resource to train future health care professionals (a.k.a. students) in shifting their mindset towards cultural humility and equity.

BC Health Care Provider
Increasing Knowledge Exchange for Eating Disorders Professionals


Visits to the Centre for Excellence Website by BC Eating Disorder professionals in 2017/18.


Eating Disorders professionals

Attended the annual Eating Disorders Community of Practice Networking & Education Event this year.

I don't know what I'd do without this [Centre for Excellence] website... Thank you!

BC Dietician

I really benefit from the networking and being inspired by all the creative treatment approaches around the province.

Community of Practice Participant

The Eating Disorders Centre for Excellence (CFE) website houses eating disorders related information, research, and upcoming events, which encourages the exchange of ideas through online discussions and information sharing from all eating disorder service providers across the province.

Improving Access to Medical Specialists with Expertise in Child and Youth Mental Health


Visits to Learning Links by BC Health Care Professionals this year

Over 80% of these professionals agreed that the evidence-based information in this online resource will allow them to better understand and assess mental health concerns for their patients.

I recently came across these modules. Certainly the one I have done has been very relevant to family practice, and the home based online learning makes it useful.

BC Family Physician

LearningLinks is an online learning resource designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and confidence in child and youth mental health, supporting the needs of healthcare professionals in BC. It is aimed to improve access for children, youth and families to medical specialists with expertise in child and youth mental health in BC.   

Increasing Capacity of Health Professionals to Reduce Weight Bias and Stigma in Practice


Visits to the BalancedView online resource by health professionals this year

Health Professionals accessed the site to learn about weight bias and stigma and improve patient experience and outcomes.

My awareness of the occurrence and reality of weight stigma in the healthcare setting has increased significantly, so I will be more mindful from here on.

BC Health Professional

Achieving the vision

Health professionals are often the first point of contact for children and youth with mental health concerns. Increasing mental health literacy across all health sectors will improve access to treatment, increase understanding of, and help to destigmatize mental health challenges. Providing health professionals with a wide range of resources and tools to support children, youth and their families dealing with mental health challenges is the first step.

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