Health Literacy for Health Professionals


Increasing Capacity of Health Professionals in Mental Health


BC Health Professionals engaged...

through online learning, evidence-based communities of practice, and webinars addressing mental health and substance use


Service providers accessed the BalancedView resource to learn about weight bias and stigma experienced by patients

To me, the voice of the patient is the most important lasting lesson learned through Balancedview.  Listening to the patients directly gave me a sense of what they have been experiencing with regards to weight bias and stigma.

BC Nurse
Improving Access to Medical Specialists with Expertise in Child and Youth Mental Health


Medical specialists in BC increased their mental health and substance use knowledge and skills

LearningLinks is an online learning resource designed to enhance knowledge, skills and confidence in child and youth mental health to support the needs of health care professionals and improving access for children, youth and families to medical specialists with expertise in child and youth mental health in BC.

So very helpful for modelling good interview techniques resources are just what I would hope for - really feel that day to day I could keep this open on my desktop and refer to when needed which was what I was hoping for

BC Pediatrician
Enhancing the Monitoring and Management of Metabolic Side-Effects in Children and Youth

Online Metabolic Assessment and Monitoring Tool

For health care providers

Designed to help BC health professionals adhere to best-practice when monitoring and managing the metabolic side-effects associated with taking some psychiatric medications.

The development of this resource was made possible thanks to RBC.

Achieving the vision

health professionals are often the first point of contact for children and youth with mental health concerns. Increasing mental health literacy across all health sectors, will hasten the access to treatment, increase the understanding of, and help destigmatize mental health issues. Providing health professionals with a wide range of resources and tools to support children, youth and their families dealing with mental health challenges is the first step.

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