Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders


New Kelty Eating Disorders Website Developed


Visits to the Kelty Eating Disorders website

The Kelty Eating Disorders Website offers general information, such as what causes an eating disorder, specifics on types of disorders, treatment options, how to find help, and recovery. This new website was made possible by RBC's generous support. 



Community of Practice (COP) and Centre for Excellence (CFE)


Eating Disorders Practitioners from across BC...

came to the COP Event to share information, to hear speakers on new research, and to collaborate to find better ways to serve the needs of patients. 

The work of the Eating Disorders Community of Practice (COP) is carried forward through the Provincial Eating Disorders Network, which consists of leaders from eating disorders programs, community agencies, and Ministry and Health Authority representatives from across the province. The work of the COP is also carried on throughout the year through the Centre for Excellence (CFE) website. The CFE website houses eating disorders related information and upcoming events for everyone in the community of practice and encourages the exchange of ideas and information from all practitioners and leaders in the field. 

Peer Support


Received direct peer support with eating disorders

As per usual, you came through for us again! Thank-you for the resources for our program and for all that you do.

BC Youth with Eating disorder

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In 2016, Amy P., a member of the Health Literacy Team at BC Children’s Hospital provided direction, peer support, and assistance with navigation of the eating disorders healthcare system. Amy also coordinates the Centre for Excellence in eating disorders. 

Achieving the vision

The Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre provides resources and peer support to people of all ages with eating disorders or disordered eating concerns.  The provision of resources and support to prevent disordered eating, decrease weight bias and stigma, and promote healthy weights is a key component of the Mental Health Literacy vision. This is accomplished through a variety of means including websites, provincial committees and gatherings, peer support, and other online resources.

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