Child and Youth Mental Health Literacy


Balancing Our Minds (BOM): Youth Mental Health Summit


Youth attended the BOM Conference

This youth summit was one of the greatest experiences in my life. The students also learned about resources that are available in the community. The day ended with table talk group discussions, which encouraged students to develop an action plan to become champions of mental health and wellness in their school communities. One story at a time we can combat the stigma, stereotyping, and avoidance of mental illness. We can, and we will.

BC Youth

What our students got out of attending was invaluable: Hearing peers ' real experiences and stories of wellness journeys.


BC Teacher

With support from the Canucks for Kids Fund, the event took place at Rogers Arena with a focus on connecting and creating youth-driven dialogue to promote mental wellness in schools and communities. Helping Children Ages 9-11 Deal with Stress in a Healthy Way


Visits to the Stresslr website

Stresslr, a friendly robot, helps kids to understand what stress is, why it happens and healthy strategies to cope with it in everyday life. Effective stress management can lead to better physical and mental health for the whole family. was developed with the support of the RBC.


‘Breathr’: Youth Mindfulness App


An easy and fun way for youth to improve mental health

I found mindfulness to be one of the most valuable tools to maintain my personal wellness and cope with the symptoms of anxiety and depression when they would come up. I believe by making mindfulness easy and accessible – through platforms such as Breathr – allows more young people to discover the benefits mindfulness can have in their day-to-day lives.

BC Youth

Breathr offers a variety of mindfulness practices, while sharing knowledge of the brain science behind those practices. The app was developed by a number of experts and youth with support from the Canucks for Kids Fund. Mental Health Website for Youth and Young adults


Visits to this year

A website where youth and young adults in BC check out how they’re feeling and quickly connect to mental health resources and support, including education, self-care tools and local professional resources.

Mindcheck increases mental health literacy by helping youth recognize the early signs and symptoms of mental health and substance use challenges and ways to help themselves or reach out to others for support. Developed in partnership with the Fraser Health Authority in collaboration with the Canucks for Kids Fund and the Vancouver Canucks.

Empowering Families and Promoting Healthy Weights


BC children participated in MEND: Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do it!

Designed for children ages 5-13, MEND engaged children and families across the province. More play, less screen time, and improved self-esteem were some of the many benefits.

The MEND program brought us together as a family… We were able to support one another through the 10 week program and truly discover what it takes to make and keep these everlasting changes. Thank you for the road map to success

MEND Participant

Achieving the vision

Child and youth mental health literacy means that individuals are knowledgeable and comfortable talking about mental health with each other, their families and communities, and they are aware of services available and where to go for help. It also means that they utilize tools and strategies to maintain good mental health. This year several tools were developed and activities undertaken to improve mental health literacy and engage children, youth and their families.

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