We envision a world where mental health and well-being are talked about openly...

Supported by knowledgeable, competent professionals in schools, communities and health care settings; and where decision-makers embrace new and innovative ideas and approaches to reducing both mental health and substance use challenges and the associated stigma. 

Our team consists of passionate professionals (many with lived experience) who develop and implement diverse mental health and substance use initiatives that reach across the province to help all British Columbians. 

Our Initiatives

Our work in 2016/2017 focused on developing, promoting, and disseminating mental health and substance use information and resources to increase mental health literacy across BC.

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The Case for Mental Health Literacy

Mental health literacy refers to the knowledge, beliefs, and abilities that support the prevention, recognition, and/or management of mental health and substance use challenges.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada estimates that the total cost to Canada’s economy incurred by mental health problems and illnesses is currently well over $50 billion annually, or nearly $1,400 for every person living in Canada in 2016. 

The World Health Organization has identified that Health Literacy is perhaps the most important component of the social determinants of health, noting that it is ''a stronger predictor of an individual's health status than income, employment status, education and racial or ethnic group.''

Evidence shows that participating in mental health literacy programs result in increased knowledge of key mental health conditions, increased confidence to help others experiencing mental health challenges and less stigmatizing attitudes toward mental health challenges. 

The ultimate aim is a society where people with mental health challenges take prompt action to seek professional help, where they receive and adhere to evidence-based treatments, where they feel supported by others in their social network, where people take preventive action to benefit themselves and their families, and where mental health services are seen as making a valuable contribution that merits public support.


BC Children’s Hospital Mental Health Literacy Team would like to graciously thank our partners and supporters for their promotion and encouragement of the work we do for Mental Health and Substance Use in the Province of BC.

Our Team

Our team consists of motivated Population, Health Promotion and Prevention professionals who are committed to enhancing the mental health and substance use literacy of children, youth, families, health professionals, and school professionals from across BC.

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